Summer Sparkles

I love doing my nails.  I love that it’s a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to change up your look. Plus, when you’re a teacher and can’t do something crazy like put colored tips on your hair (not that I would, just saying), you can express your personality and have some fun with the tips of your fingers.  My standard go-to is always a classic red on short, rounded tips, but ever once in a while I opt for true black, green, purple, or something else equally “shocking” to my coworkers. Recently I’ve been drawn to nail art, but haven’t found any that really suited me.  That is until I saw what Cupcakes and Cashmere had done to hers this summer.

So, I went to the store and found some fun tangerine nail polish…

The perfect color ended up being NYC’s Times Square Tangerine Creme. I used this to do two thick coats on my nails.

Then I took some glitter I got at the craft section of Target and picked one. I decided on the brassy gold at the far left. Next, I painted the bottom half of both ring finger nails and sprinkled the glitter on, pressing it down lightly.

And voila! Instant summery nails with just a bit of sparkle and fun. I can’t wait until it cools down a bit when I intend to do all black nails and my ring fingers solid black glitter. Just doing one nail glittered really lets you “get away with this” without looking like you’re about to go to a New Year’s Eve party. I love it!


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