Drew has always wanted to fly a plane, maybe ever since he can remember. A few weeks ago I became aware of the fact that small aircraft businesses and private pilots often offer “Discovery Flights” for those interested in flying. So imagine my delight, when one happened to pop up on Groupon! I secretly purchased it and made the plans, then waited until the right moment to mention to Drew that I hoped we had time to do what we had planned for Monday morning. When he asked what we had planned, I could hardly contain my excitement when I told him that he was going to fly a plane.

The instructor walked him through everything from checking things prior to take-off, to actual take-off. Once we were in the air and while I was working on breathing exercises to keep myself calm, Drew actually did almost all the flying himself. It was awesome and even I enjoyed myself: a little.

It was neat to look at all the instruments of the Cessna 172  up-close.

Benbrook Lake

Over West Fort Worth

I hate to get all “beautiful” on you, but beautiful.

My favorite thing was getting to listen to air traffic control on the headset.

At the end of it all, I’d gone one step closer to conquering my fear of flying, Drew got to live a childhood dream and decide he now wants his pilot’s license, and we could deem it one of the best moments this summer…even for this reluctant flyer.


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