Posted in July 2011

I Miss…

These kids. This is Burns and Grayton, one of my best friend’s adorable and charming children. I’m not sure why exactly, but the three of us took to each other pretty well. When we were in California earlier this summer for a few days, we got to stay with them. They jumped (jumped) out of … Continue reading

Summer Uniform

It’s not surprise to really anyone that it’s hot in Texas, but this summer has proved to be particularly dastardly. Over 20 days in a row over 100 and we have two days next week slated to be 107. What? No, that’s not a typo, that’s 107 before factoring in humidity or heat index. So … Continue reading

Summer Sparkles

I love doing my nails.  I love that it’s a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to change up your look. Plus, when you’re a teacher and can’t do something crazy like put colored tips on your hair (not that I would, just saying), you can express your personality and have some fun with the tips … Continue reading


Drew has always wanted to fly a plane, maybe ever since he can remember. A few weeks ago I became aware of the fact that small aircraft businesses and private pilots often offer “Discovery Flights” for those interested in flying. So imagine my delight, when one happened to pop up on Groupon! I secretly purchased … Continue reading

Apartment Favorites

Two original art pieces by the fabulous Rachel Davis. Wine holder from Chinatown in San Francisco (the symbol means double happiness) Vintage Columbian demitasse coffee set* Vintage kitchen cart perfect for extra storage (and charm) in a small kitchen* Anthropologie postcards 1860’s Desk used as a bar (maybe my top favorite)* *Item gifted to me … Continue reading

New Orleans Iced Coffee

This past thursday was our FOURTH wedding anniversary! Drew surprised me with the perfect and most “me” flowers ever, we tried a fantastic little restaurant on Magnolia Street here in Fort Worth, and then sat at a perfect little independent coffee shop for hours and talked. And while we were there, Drew sipped on espresso … Continue reading

A Crepe and An Outfit

Why would someone like a crepe, it’s just a more awesome pancake filled with melted nutella… And why would someone almost go crazy on her husband to keep him from eating all of hers…she told him to get his own… And for the love of everything holy, why would someone love Paris…I mean really…   Outfit: … Continue reading