Anne of Green Gables

Today I felt very Anne of Green Gables as we explored Bornheim’s Zentrum (the city center). It was the hat and bag, definitely, even though I have no idea what era this type of hat really comes from. As you can probably tell, I’m on a major hat kick these days, only to be encouraged by Drew who loves it when I wear them.

I actually had Frikadelle (a type of meatball meets hamburger) IN Germany. Our friends, David and Kathrin have made it for us before, so it was awesome to actually have it over here.

A street in Bornheim. It is a really small town close to Bonn in the northern part of Germany. Since this is where Drew is taking his German classes, we are staying here.

A very “stereotypical” font on a street sign. Doesn’t it just look German?

And the crowning moment of the day: eine kugel cookies und eine kugel nutella eis. Some of the best and cheapest (.60 for an ice cream cone?!) ice cream we’ve ever had.

Yep, Bornheim is a good place to call home for three weeks.

Hut und Rock (hat/skirt): H&M

Bluse (top): F21

Handtasche (purse): Target

Schuhe (shoes): Keds


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