Day 19/20: And the Award For The Most “Me” Outfit Goes To…

Day 19! I felt fantastic in this entire outfit, from the blazer down to the shoes. I wore it all day on Saturday, even though all I did was watch TiVoed stuff and make ThinMints. How were they? Fantastic. Not quite as good as the Girl Scout versions, but pretty darn close. Plus, they are way less expensive and not full of sketchy things like hydrogenated oils.

Speaking of ThinMints…here’s the recipe I used.

I’m not the jolliest of people in these last outfit photos. That would be because the husband just informed me that the land directly behind me. Yeah, right behind the black fence. Mm-hmm, the land that is less than 50 yards from our apartment door? Well, they’re about to start construction on an eight lane toll road. Not happy. We were really hoping that we could stay where we live now until husband is finished with his Ph.D. In four years of marriage, we’ve moved three times and we’re tired of it. Especially considering that we’ll probably be moving yet again post Ph.D. Ugghhh, so now that we’ve just signed a lease for another year, I guess we will deal with it. But after? Looks like we’ll be moving again. I wouldn’t mind the eyesore so much if it wasn’t for the obvious incessant noise that is coming. In our last place they spent a month working on the parking lot (the PARKING LOT) and it was awful. The construction started as early as 6 am almost every day of the week and it was loud.

Uh-oh. I’ve caught myself venting. Looks like it’s time for a trip to the kitchen for some ThinMints. Perhaps the ones I tucked away into the freezer?


3 thoughts on “Day 19/20: And the Award For The Most “Me” Outfit Goes To…

  1. I love love love the dress and blazer combo! I think I’ll wear a similar mix-up tomorrow. Sorry to hear about the desecration of your new home 😦

  2. Hi, Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes. How are you? Just dropping in to tell you that you look adorable in all of your remixes that I have viewed. Great Job! Drop in sometime.

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