Day 17: I Want A Ticket To Anywhere

Lately I’ve rediscovered Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. I forgot how beautiful and tragic the whole song is. I’ve also found an excellent cover by Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis. They don’t change it at all, which in my opinion, makes the best covers.

The going somewhere theme makes me want to, well, go somewhere more than ever. I’ve particularly been craving San Francisco, Vegas, or somewhere with a beach. There’s something so refreshing about standing at the edge of the ocean, whichever one it may be. Unfortunately,  we’re at least 6 hours away from a beach right now. Until then, I guess I’ll just listen to some more Fast Car and maybe a little California.


Blouse: F21

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: gifted

Belt: Anthro


2 thoughts on “Day 17: I Want A Ticket To Anywhere

  1. Well this post just inspired me a couple of different ways. 1.) I just put my first “time out” post on my blog with something OTHER than becoming-a-teacher stuff, although very brief, 2.) your acoustic duo cover of Fast Car reminded me of a long forgotten but FAVORITE acoustic duo (sans vocals) Rodrigo y Gabriela and they are AMAZING so I put their latest video on and 3.) the beach…oh yeah, the beach…I have a fave happy place in Port Aransas and funny thing is, I just hung up the pics in my bathroom last weekend from a trip I took there over a year ago. Thanks for being an inspiration!!

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