Day 14 & 15: Quick Remixing

I wore this to work on Friday, which is “casual day” at our school. Unfortunately, casual day doesn’t mean I can wear jeans and a nice cardigan. It means I can wear jeans IF I also wear the tacky school t-shirt. Ugh. Many Fridays I simply opt out. I think they’re afraid that if they say it’s just a jeans day, that half the faculty will show up in ragged denim and pajama tops or something. I don’t know, but a faded t-shirt looks worse than a cute cardigan. So, usually at least one day a week, I wear nice denim and a nice top anyway. So far no one has said a word. My strategy is that by dressing nicer 4 out of 5 days than almost everyone, the one day I opt for dark denim, heels, and a cardi, then there’s no leg to stand on. At all. We’ll see.

Blouse: F21

Cardigan: J Crew

Skirt/Belt: H&M

Boots: Vintage

So I thought it would be fun to do an immediate remix on Friday. You know, like if I had somewhere to actually go after work that required a nicer outfit. I ditched the boots, socks, and cardigan, threw on some heels and tucked the blouse into the skirt. Oh, and threw on my favorite sparkly headband that I can’t wear for very long because it gives me a ginormous headache. Le sigh.




Heels: H&M

Headband/Headache: Ann Taylor Loft

P.S. We did actually go out Friday night, but to see a movie. Unknown  with Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger was fantastic. It is a great classic thriller, much in the vein of Hitchcock. Go see it.


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