Day 11: You Look Tall

I’m actually not super happy with this outfit. If I wore it again, I’d either tuck the blouse in and belt the skirt, or cut the belt altogether. Either way, I love all the pieces of this outfit, and the if I could, I’d wear the blouse everyday. I’m obsessed with it. How can I not be? It’s feminine, soft, and a little bit retro with the cut. The shoes are also fantastic. I didn’t actually include them in my original 30 for 30, but I’m making a substitution. You see, the husband got them for me for V-Day + the Jessica Simpson heels are completely uncomfortable and not tall enough to keep my Gap jeans from dragging the ground. So I made an executive decision: a cute, executive decision. These are more than tall enough. They make my 5’5″ (ok 5’4″ and 3/4) self almost 5’10″….my head was in the clouds all day. Literally.


Blouse/Tights: F21

Skirt: Express

Belt: Gap

Shoes: gift 🙂


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