Day 8: Look At This Guy

This is the husband. He has awesome fashion sense (and a super cool faux hawk underneath that hat). Plus, he’s sweet and takes me on dates every Thursday. Tonight he brought me to Kincaid’s, one of the best burger places I’ve ever experienced. They have great burgers (obviously), but also  jalapenos stuffed with pimento and cheese. It’s good, I promise. Don’t judge.

Then there’s me. Here we are stealthily snapping a few photos in the restroom hallway of Kincaid’s. I realized right before we left that it was dark outside, and while our apartment has its charms, lighting isn’t one of them.

Speaking of lighting, it’s time for The Office, 30 Rock, and CSI. Wait a minute, those have nothing to do with lighting. Had you thinking there for a second didn’t I?


Dress/Tights/Socks: Target

Skirt/Sweather/Belt: H&M

Boots: Journeys

And yes, that’s a dress underneath a skirt.


3 thoughts on “Day 8: Look At This Guy

    • Well, my strategy is to remix remix in the beginning, and then not have to worry about it so much in the end. I’ll probably end the challenge with black pants and cardigans buttoned up. 🙂 And I LIKE what you’ve done so far. Especially the black dress/purple tights/scarf belt. Fantastic. P.S. the patterned tights earlier were my FAV!

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