Day 7: Snow This Is How It’s Going To Be

Snow day…again.  Something of a 10 degree wind chill when we snapped these. 

I feel very 80’s today with my purple tights and bright green belt. I liked adding the two pops of color with the black and gray. I think it keeps it from being too much.

Sorry this is so short, I’m drawing blanks this afternoon.


Dress: H&M

Cardigan: Lauren Conrad

Tights/Shoes: Target

Belt: vintage


11 thoughts on “Day 7: Snow This Is How It’s Going To Be

  1. Adorable! The gray/black duo is such a great canvas. And I’m thinking I need to add some bright purple tights to my collection of hosiery … hey, great necklace as well! Very simple yet unique overall.

  2. I love this combo! I have a very similar pair of tights which I’m struggling to work into one of my 30 for 30 outfits. I’m curious about your necklace – where is it from? 🙂

    • Thanks! I thought the purple would be hard, but then I realized I had a good bit of black and gray. I’d also like to wear them later with a green cardigan or a red shirt and see how it works. I actually got that necklace from Target about three or four years ago….it was on clearance at the time.

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