Day 6: Back to Work

After an entire week off due to “inclement weather,” it is back to the grind. It was actually really nice to be back in the classroom and seeing as how some of my more troublesome students were absent, the day went really well. I also conducted a mini workshop on nonverbal classroom management for the staff. Amazingly, I seemed to have everyone’s attention and the response was really positive. Now, how do I translate this into a money-making venture….

While I’m thinking, I intend to get caught up on GLEE.


Skirt/Shoes/Belt: H&M

Top: Express

Cardigan: J Crew

Scarf: Target


4 thoughts on “Day 6: Back to Work

    • ISn’t it weird how when you’re off that long all you want is to go out and do something, even if it means work? But then, the minute you have to go back, oh how you long for another snow day! Chicago got hit really, really hard I saw….still buried up there?

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