Day 2: French Secretary

That’s what I feel like in this outfit. I’ll be truthful here, I may not have come up with this had I not been bored out of my mind on my third snow-induced staycation day. Since I cannot go farther than to walk across the street to the bagel shop, I thought, why not play dress up? So I did. Drew liked this outfit and couldn’t understand why I changed almost immediately after for fear of catching my death of cold. He’s always loved me in glasses, but it’s taken a while to warm him up to red lipstick. I think it just takes some getting used to.

Now that I think about it, it’s possible this look isn’t French secretary at all. I’ve been watching inordinate amounts of What Not To Wear and 30 Rock so it’s just as likely an odd channeling combination of Stacy London and Tina Fey.

I need to get out of the apartment.


Cashmere sweater: Express (it was the only one and the tag was ripped off so they gave it to me for $15)!

Skirt/Belt/Necklace: H&M

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Red gloss: NARS Bloodwork


9 thoughts on “Day 2: French Secretary

  1. Haha I think you look fabulous (a much improved upon version of Tina Fey!) I don’t wear my glasses that often but my bf loves it when I do as well! Those heels are amazing- I need to check out Jessica Simpon’s line! xo Emily (fellow remixer)

    • Hmm, comfortable isn’t a word I’d use, but they aren’t NOT comfortable either? Ah, this is no help at all. They are just really high….I definitely avoid wearing them to work, we’ll just say that.

    • Thank you…I’ll take chic and classic ANd TV influences. P.S. Do you live in the San Fran area? I just checked out your blog (love it) but my compy isn’t letting me comment….arrghhh….I only ask because SF is maybe my favorite city ever (I used to live in LA).

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