Day 1 (and a snow day)

30 for 30 Day One! I’ll be posting all my items later this afternoon, but for now…SNOW DAY! The pictures are awful, but the wind chill is something like 5 degrees right now, so…we took these in a hurry. When you grew up in Texas and then lived in LA for 3 years, you don’t tolerate anything below, well let’s be honest here, below 60.

In other news, no school/work today. There is a thick sheet of ice on all the roads, topped with snow. I could not be happier to find out that a day that was to be, originally, a 15 hr work day, has now been magically transformed into taco soup/cornbread/blogging/napping/netflixing/hot chocolate day/snow day.


Shirt: Gap

Sweater: H&M

Pants/Scarf: Target

Boots: vintage

Favorite Hat in the World: F21


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