Posted in February 2011

Day 18: Let’s Get This Show on the Road

Whew, this 30 for 30 seems to be dragging on and on. Partly because several days I’ve gotten home and been too tired (or it’s been dark) to take any pictures, and partly because, well, it’s 30 days and the weather has ranged from -5 to 80 during this challenge. February is always a long, … Continue reading

Maybe I Do Like Basketball

When it’s live. And we have seats like these. I almost didn’t go I was so tired from work, but I’m glad I did. We took the train into Dallas, had a great dinner at House of Blues, and then settled in for a good Mavericks game.

Day 17: I Want A Ticket To Anywhere

Lately I’ve rediscovered Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. I forgot how beautiful and tragic the whole song is. I’ve also found an excellent cover by Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis. They don’t change it at all, which in my opinion, makes the best covers. The going somewhere theme makes me want to, well, go somewhere more … Continue reading

Day 14 & 15: Quick Remixing

I wore this to work on Friday, which is “casual day” at our school. Unfortunately, casual day doesn’t mean I can wear jeans and a nice cardigan. It means I can wear jeans IF I also wear the tacky school t-shirt. Ugh. Many Fridays I simply opt out. I think they’re afraid that if they … Continue reading

Day 13: Falling Behind

Whew, it’s been a week (hence the lack of posts).  Less than seven days until state writing tests and then we begin the journey towards reading tests. It’ll be nice to have one finished, so, good or bad, it’s been completed.  The school I”m at this year was rated unacceptable last year, so of course, … Continue reading

Day 11: You Look Tall

I’m actually not super happy with this outfit. If I wore it again, I’d either tuck the blouse in and belt the skirt, or cut the belt altogether. Either way, I love all the pieces of this outfit, and the if I could, I’d wear the blouse everyday. I’m obsessed with it. How can I … Continue reading