You Might Be A Nerd If…

I recently read a post from this lady about nerdiness. In it, she comprised a list of what qualified her classification into the nerd kingdom. I, too have always thought of myself as a nerd and herein lies my own proof.

You might be a nerd if…

1. You read so much in school you got in trouble…for reading.

2. You read John Grisham in middle school.

3. You wore something called a herbst appliance.

4. For as long as you can remember, you’ve spent serious time contemplating what decade you’d prefer to live in, also deciding upon a suitable second choice (should time travel ever become a viable option).

5. You are a trekkie and got a phaser for Christmas once.

6. You write supernatural/fantasy fiction.

7. You liked vampires when vampires weren’t cool.

8. You loved Tina Fey pre Mean Girls/30 Rock/Sarah Palin impression; you know, back in “Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow” days.

9. You tried earl gray tea because that’s what Captain Picard drinks.

10. You dressed in antebellum clothing for a civil war reenactment.

11. You possess the winning combination of left-handedness, curly hairdness, and reading glasses.

12. You’re married to a Ph.D. student. You think it’s adorable that he reads the Greek New Testament all the time.

13. You’re both learning German. Sprecken Sie Deutsch?

14. The first memory your husband has of you is you coming out of your room: messy hair, glasses, and ranting about wanting to be a librarian. 

15. You compile a list like this one.

Photographic evidence of the glasses. Notice I am touching them with my left hand. Today was not a curly hair day. Sorry.


*Yes, this is a computer shot. Sometimes Husband hasn’t come home from work yet and I’m ready to blog.


4 thoughts on “You Might Be A Nerd If…

  1. By the way, that phaser was cool…so cool that it’s packed away in a box just in case you ever want it! Maybe there will be a 3rd generation trekkie!

  2. My own list would be very, very similar to this. It would also include an unusual obsession with The Highlander, both the movies and the series with that sexy Adrian Paul. I too was chastised more than once for reading too much in school, loved vampire lore, am blind without my glasses, have curly hair that I flat iron daily, and married a fellow nerd. One of my husband’s favorite shirts of mine is a pink t-shirt that says “I Heart Nerds.”

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