Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Props to anyone who knows where this blog title came from. Hint: it’s a song.

So for at least the past year I’ve been dying to get a pair of bell bottoms and/or high waisted jeans. The problem is I couldn’t find any. Even vintage stores seemed to be out of them everytime I checked.

So imagine my delight when apparently…they are back in style…for everyone (not just vintage/70’s lovers like me). I found these at Gap this weekend and purchased them with a 40% coupon I’d lucked upon. And of course, like the nerd I am, I tried on virtually everything in my closet with them as soon as I got home.

This was my favorite combination. The shoes I’ve had for years, the cardigan is certainly not new, and the blouse is one I found in a Haight Ashbury vintage shop last year when we drove up to San Francisco. I love it, but it has an uneven bottom hem so it really needs to be tucked in. It also has a short hem, so tucking proves difficult. These are high waisted though….so a perfect match.


Blouse: Vintage

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Cardigan: J Crew

I’m beyond excited about them (see picture above). The Husband likes them too, although when he first saw the high waisted nature he referenced the “Mom Jeans” SNL commercial. I’ve won him over though.

The 1970’s are one of my favorite style decades-so welcome back!


10 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

  1. “Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter” – right? What’s my prize?

    I love your top, especially with these retro-tastic jeans. Very nice way to channel the 70s without being too spot-on about it.

    • Nicely done! Your prize is knowing you are awesome and super cool for knowing a classic TV show. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliments and I may have to “borrow” ahem your phrase “retro-tastic.” I love it!

      Also, I checked out your blog and love it. Unfortunately right now my computer isn’t letting me comment on other people’s or I would be. 🙂

  2. “Up your nose with a rubber hose!!!” Mr. Kah-ter! I affectionately referred to my 7th grade self-contained class last year as the Sweathogs…cuz that’s kind of what they were.

    • Haha! Did I know you taught 7th grade self-contained? Oh, and P.S. there is a style conference in Austin in March….Kendi and lots of others will be here, big clothing swap, etcetera….I just think you should consider….we could go together….plus, Austin is awesome.

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