Small Living

Hi, I’m Adrienne, I’m almost 27, married, and I live in an apartment.

Make this statement in a place like Los Angeles or NYC and you blend into the masses.

Make this statement in a place like Texas and you can get looks ranging from surprise to pity. The latter only serves to further my desire to get a tad angry.

Make this statement and add onto it that you actually like living in a small apartment and you might get a crazy look.

It’s interesting to me how different things like apartments and houses are viewed in different regions of the country. In areas with sky high real estate prices and little room, everyone has an apartment, but when there’s plenty of space, it’s almost expected that you’ll spread out and “go big.”

Don’t get me wrong, houses are great: backyards, pools, your own property, no loud downstairs neighbors, etc…but small living definitely has it’s advantages.

1. It doesn’t cost much. See, the husband and I kind of have this thing about debt and owing people money. I’m thankful that we only have grad student loans, but we have this thing about paying it off asap.  Debt it out of control in this country, and I don’t want to add to it by purchasing a house “just because we could get away with it.”

2. Small living = small space = less cleaning. Enough said.

3. When you don’t have tons of space, you are forced to constantly evaluate what you absolutely need.  There’s not much room for excess and clutter, so it encourages donating/throwing out/selling. There’s something refreshing and cathartic in the lack of stockpiles of…stuff.

4. Do we really need a ton of room? It’s just the two of us and I like being in the same room most of the time.

5. Again, it costs less. I heard a financial guru on Oprah (I know, I know) say one time that it’s better to live in a one bedroom apartment and have a million dollars in the bank than live in a nice home with no savings and a ton of debt.

5. Finally, small space allows for big impact in decorating and little touches. I mean, would this flower-filled coffee mug be as perfectly charming anywhere as on our small little table?


2 thoughts on “Small Living

  1. i love this post. and completely agree. and i was just thinking today when cleaning our apartment that i am so thankful that it’s small.

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