A Deal Is A Deal

A few weeks ago I spent a Saturday afternoon browsing Anthropologie sans Husband. He’s nice and all, but doesn’t quite get the wonder of that store. It was a rare afternoon indeed that I truly didn’t find much that stood out to me. I did, however, make a great find in the Christmas Sale section.

Zinc Christmas tags. They are metal. They are reusable. You write on them in chalk. A package of six marked down to $3.

Momentarily feeling as though if I just bought these tags, creative genius would well up inside me, and I’d find something fabulous to do with them (that didn’t involve their intended use), I bought the last package.

While it may not be “creative genius” I am pretty happy with what I managed to come up with.

This is now hanging in our bedroom above my nightstand.  The Mini Instax prints are a few of our wedding photos (snapped out of our album for, my favorite, a vintage feel).  And while the chalk doesn’t show up as well as I’d hope in pictures, the quote says, “A deal is a deal. 7-14-07”

The date, obviously is our anniversary, and the quote is one I’d heard and we wanted engraved on our wedding bands. Unfortunately someone’s band was too small for any engraving, but I’ve still always loved it. It may not be the most romantic of wedding quotes, but I think it speaks to the heart of it, especially in today’s divorce riddled society.

Marriage isn’t easy. In fact, it’s ridiculously difficult; but we’ve made a promise. We’ve made a commitment.

And a deal’s a deal.


3 thoughts on “A Deal Is A Deal

  1. The quote is awesome, and terribly romantic. I think it suits your personalities excellently. I’m also not surprised you fell in love with something that involves writing with chalk. The tags make a great wall hanging. 🙂

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