The Wizard & I

I started to name this post, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green,” because, well let’s face it, I love me some Kermit the Frog.  How, though, could I name it that when I’ve been on a renewed Wicked kick these days.  Some showtunes on the way home + me wearing green today and voila! Your title. Er, my title, actually.

It was a challenge last night trying to come up with something to wear when I knew it would be 19 degrees when I left for work.  So after about an hour in my closet mixing and matching I finally put this together and knew I’d feel cute, be comfy, and most importantly, warm.

By the way, does anyone else actually find it relaxing to come up with outfits? It used to stress me out beyond belief, back when, much to the disagreement of the husband, I believed I had nothing to wear.  On the contrary, I just struggled in the creative dressing department. Since discovering the world of blogging, I love getting dressed in the morning, even though I haven’t really made any purchases since then. I’ve just gotten more creative.

Speaking of creative, previously mentioned Husband thinks I need to go work on my “real” writing, aka, “The Novel.”  He’s right. Of course.


Green Tunic: Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Sweater: H&M

Cords: Target

Belt/Boots: My Grandmother


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