This Weekend

I *promise* there are huge snowflakes behind me!

This weekend started off nicely. Why, you ask? Well, that would be because I skipped an impromptu after-work meeting (on a Friday afternoon, how dare they).  Then I enjoyed the first half of the Cotton Bowl, only ceasing to enjoy it when Texas A&M (my alma mater) ceased…enjoying…it.

Saturday included a new taco place, and an expedition into the world of Julia Child. I attempted and successfully completed the Reine de Saba and to quote Husband, “This is the best cake I’ve ever had. Ever.”

Sunday I slept in, drank massive quantities of the best coffee ever, compliments of my sis-in-law who brought us some back from the Dominican Republic, watched 500 Days of Summer, and made Julia Child’s onion and potato soup.

The best part, though…definitely that is snowed.  Maybe it didn’t stick, and maybe I didn’t have work canceled this morning, but those big, fluffy flakes were so much fun. It doesn’t snow a whole lot in Texas and it definitely doesn’t snow in LA, so any wintery stuff makes us super excited.

Forgive the darkness here, we weren’t sure how long it would last, so we snapped quickly.

Finally, I wore one of my favorite things. One might even call it my “uniform” as of late. My skinny, black cords, a button-up shirt, and my red hat. It’s always nice to feel cute and comfy. You can see it better in the top picture, but my shirt is tucked in the front and untucked everywhere else. I love doing this, but it truly confounded my students when I did it one day at work. They kept telling me I’d forgotten to tuck in the rest of my shirt only to look at me like I was psychotic when told that “I’d meant to do it that way.” 

Outfit Details:

Hat: F21

Cords: Target

Gray undershirt: Banana Republic

Gingham: Gap


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