Mastering The Art

I came home today and had a surprise from Husband:

My very own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

First stop this weekend? Reine de Saba. Chocolate and almond cake. With glacage au chocolat (chocolate icing) naturlich.

Uh-oh. Mixing French and German you say?  This is all the aforementioned husband’s fault. Making me learn Deutsch, buying me French cookbooks. Le sigh. It’s a good thing I love him, or he wouldn’t be getting any cake later.


*naturlich is German for “of course”


3 thoughts on “Mastering The Art

  1. Sweet! Umm…let’s have a writing meeting that meets in New Mexico…and you should bring snacks. 😉 You’re shirt is really cute and looks great with that blazer!

  2. I miss my language arts collaborator! and fyi my major in college was la francais (i cant cook at all!) alors bon appetit!

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