More Boss, Less Slacker

My friend Reggie of Serendipitous Disaster recently wrote in a post that if teachers would dress more like student’s bosses and less like their moms, then they might get more respect.

I tend to agree.  However, we all know many would disagree. After bringing this very subject up yesterday during a training, several teachers agreed with me, while others disagreed.  They stood firm in their stance that they are more confident in jeans and a t-shirt. This may be, but what I wanted to ask was if they would want to work for a principal who wore jeans and a t-shirt, or vote for a presidential candidate in such.  I realize teaching isn’t exactly the presidency, but we are role models for young people, who often have a very small pool of adults to look up to. 


Obviously I’ve never been the wrinkled khakis type, and I’m not about to go around wearing a suit to teach 4th grade.  However, I do want to make a commitment to be as professional as I can; without sacrificing personal style, moveability, and my paycheck.

That being said, I felt good about today’s decision. Stylish, a little bit fun, functional, warm, but still a look that says professional dress.  I don’t know about you, but I feel more confident when dressing professionally, and that may be the biggest factor in my ability to lead (or at least attempt) a room full of hellions.

Outfit Details:

Button Down: Express

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Target

Tights: F21

Scarf: Old Navy

Bow Belt: Anthro


4 thoughts on “More Boss, Less Slacker

  1. I can see your point… many times “Jeans days” mean sloppy roll out of bed outfits. I usually wear a beautiful A&M tee or nice top with plenty of great Premier Jewelry (since I do sell it!) and a nice sparkly something in my clean hair! There is a way to wear jeans and still look professional rather than the frumpy 40 year olds that I work with….

  2. First: I LOVE this outfit! I think your tights are getting a mind of their own!
    Second: I feel special that you mentioned me in your blog! XD ::I am eternally grateful{in alien voice}::
    I completely didn’t recognize the principal of the school I am at this week. She wasn’t dressed bad, but very casual, and I thought she was someone’s mom until I overheard her conversation. Listen to me! I feel like I’ve worn a train wreck of outfits this week! :/

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