Behold The Humble Churro

Churros. The very word conjures warm images and memories of my three years in Southern California. Before moving there, I am sorry to say I’d never heard of them. Shortly upon arrival, they seemed to be everywhere. Restaurants. DisneyLand. Street vendors. They’re cinnamon/sugary goodness forever asking to be eaten.

For those that may not know, a churro is basically a cylindrical shaped Spanish doughnut. Basic pastry dough is fried in oil and then covered with sugar or a mixture of sugar and cinnamon or sugar and bits of chocolate. Want one yet?

I have been, and so far I haven’t seen them anywhere in Texas, which leads to a certain level of…improvisation.

Here’s what you’ll need for some quick and easy (and not nearly as good as the “real” ones, but still, yum) churros:

Simply cooking oil, a can of homestyle biscuits, sugar, and cinnamon if you’d like.

 Roll each biscuit into a tube shape. Mine obviously didn’t do so well as biscuit dough tends to shrink back up. Oh well, fatter churros are still tasty.

Mix sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl big enough to roll the churros in once they are fried. The ratio of sugar:cinnamon is however you’d prefer, but I like about 3 parts sugar, 1 part cinnamon. 

Once you’ve got your dough rolled out and sugar/cinnamon mixed, heat about a half an inch of oil in a skillet on medium high. Let it get hot or you will end up with uncooked insides.

You know the oil is ready when it bubbles around the dough. I like to test the end of one and then if it’s good to go, put them all in there.  Leave them on their side until you see them beginning to brown on the bottom. As soon as this happens turn them over (it only takes about 30-45 seconds).

Uh-oh. Looks like someone got carried away documenting the churro making and let hers get a little too brown on the other side.  I prefer them a little lighter than this.  Anyway, leave them on their other side for about another 30-45 seconds until lightly browned on the other side.

Take the churros out of the oil and roll around in the cinnamon/sugar, coating evenly.

Put on your favorite pajamas and fight your husband for who gets the last one.  I could have made more, but I seem to remember him saying he didn’t want any.  That is to say, he didn’t want any until he smelled them.  So it usually goes in our house.

Tonight we had milk, but I usually have hot chocolate with my churros as they are perfect for dipping (this is how they are traditionally served).

So there you have it, not the prettiest churros I’ve made by any means, but really, it’s a fried doughnut covered in sugar, does it need to look good?

Also, I miss you Los Angeles.


11 thoughts on “Behold The Humble Churro

  1. mmm..Mom used to call them “home made donuts”–pop the can and stretch a hole in the middle before frying. It seems like we only had them on camping vacations.

    Maybe they have the real thing here:

    Panaderia Y Pasteleria El Mlgr
    3572 West Seminary Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76133-1076
    (817) 926-7151 ‎

    On the way home for Drew?

  2. ::GASP:: How are you surviving without churros?!?!? I can’t believe they don’t have them in Texas; it’s blasphemy. What about your nearest Costco? Oh, wait…does Texas have Costco? I can’t remember. I think I’ll try your recipe and let you know how it goes.

    • How am I surviving without churros? Hmm, how am I surviving without 70 degree, even keeled weather, and the beach and the traf—well, not having traffic is ok. 🙂

      Hmm, we do have Costcos here. Does this mean churros are there?!!!!

      Also, speaking of recipes, I think I need to hear more about this pickled egg thing. Do YOU like them?

      • No! I can’t stand them! But, Marty loves them. They’re incredibly spicy. If you watch the video, I put in a jar and a half of hot chili peppers. If you like spicy, I can send you the recipe. The recipe’s from a bar in Long Beach {not too far from Amber’s, now that I think about it}, but I think the eggs are “standard bar food.”

    • We are back in Texas. Drew’s working on his Ph.D. so….at least until he finishes that, we’re here. 🙂

      Yes for homemade donuts. My mom used to make them for us and we always loved them, so, yes, you should make some.

  3. You CAN get churros in Texas!! Assuming you don’t want to wait for Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth in April (, you can definitely get them at authentic Mexican shopping centers. La Gran Plaza
    (the big mall at Seminary & I-35) definitely has them in their food court. You should go on a Sunday so you can enjoy live mariachi music while you have your churros. Did you ever get them with filling? I recall you have several flavor options for fillings…

    And ANOTHER deee-licious treat you can find there is fresh fruit sprinkled with chili lime salt!

  4. I just made these tonight….they’re awesome! And so easy! You know I suck at cooking, and I didn’t under or over cook a single one! This is, by far, the best recipe I have ever encountered for anything!

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