Posted in January 2011

You Might Be A Nerd If…

I recently read¬†a post from this lady¬†about nerdiness. In it, she comprised a list of what qualified her classification into the nerd kingdom. I, too have always thought of myself as a nerd and herein lies my own¬†proof. You might be a nerd if… 1. You read so much in school you got in trouble…for … Continue reading

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Props to anyone who knows where this blog title came from. Hint: it’s a song. So for at least the past year I’ve been dying to get a pair of bell bottoms and/or high waisted jeans. The problem is I couldn’t find any. Even vintage stores seemed to be out of them everytime I checked. … Continue reading

Small Living

Hi, I’m Adrienne, I’m almost 27, married, and I live in an apartment. Make this statement in a place like Los Angeles or NYC and you blend into the masses. Make this statement in a place like Texas and you¬†can get¬†looks ranging from surprise to pity. The latter only serves to further my desire to … Continue reading

Shades of Gray

Gray. Gray is definitely how I’ve been feeling lately.¬† Sort of blah and in between.¬† For those of you that don’t know, Husband and I spent the last three years living in Southern California while we both went to graduate school. We struggled a lot at first: no money, heat waves with no air conditioning, … Continue reading

A Deal Is A Deal

A few weeks ago I spent a Saturday afternoon browsing Anthropologie sans Husband. He’s nice and all, but doesn’t quite get the wonder of that store. It was a rare afternoon indeed that I truly didn’t find much that stood out to me. I did, however, make a great find in the Christmas Sale section. … Continue reading

Miss Corrected: A Cautionary Poem

There once was a girl named Kathleen Who felt that she was the queen Of all pronunciation, spelling and diction And quite frankly, any fact to be seen. Whether classmates or teachers Parents or lowly creatures It mattered not who she thought was wrong (And in her mind the mistakes came in throngs). Kathleen stood … Continue reading

The Wizard & I

I started to name this post, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green,” because, well let’s face it, I love me some Kermit the Frog.¬† How, though, could I name it that when I’ve been on a renewed Wicked kick these days.¬† Some showtunes on the way home + me wearing green today and voila! Your title. … Continue reading

This Weekend

This weekend started off nicely. Why, you ask? Well, that would be because I skipped an impromptu after-work meeting (on a Friday afternoon, how dare they).¬† Then I enjoyed the first half of the Cotton Bowl, only ceasing to enjoy it when Texas A&M (my alma mater) ceased…enjoying…it. Saturday included a new taco place, and … Continue reading

Mastering The Art

I came home today and had a surprise from Husband: My very own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. First stop this weekend? Reine de Saba. Chocolate and almond cake. With glacage au chocolat (chocolate icing) naturlich. Uh-oh. Mixing French and German you say? ¬†This is all the aforementioned husband’s fault. Making me … Continue reading