Monday, Monday…So Good To Me

It feels good to be on Christmas Break.  It would feel better if this cold weren’t still hanging on for dear life.  Yesterday I laid on the couch watching Netflix all day.  This morning I still felt icky, but was so stir crazy that I had to get up and get going. So I went to Target to pick up a few things. And this is what I wore.

A bit frivolous for a Target run, I’ll admit. A bit frivolous for anytime according to some of the raised eyebrows I got while walking down the aisles in search of cough medicine.  Which reminds me, I got carded for buying Robitussin. Really? You only have to be 18 to buy it.

Regardless of the cold and fever,  raised eyebrows,  and mistaken case of age at the checkout, I loved this outfit.  It feels more “me” than anything I’ve worn lately.  When I first thought of it, I was hesitant. The tights with shorts, the 1960’s ish top, and a flower in my hair? It just seemed…the opposite of “what is in.” But I think I care less and less about fads and more about what I’m drawn to, which ever since I can remember is anything from another era.  I am making a commitment to start shopping smarter by only buying things I absolutely adore and focusing my search on vintage or vintage inspired pieces. They’re my favorite.

Outfit Details:

Flower headband: gifted from my sister 🙂

Top: Rodarte for Target

Shorts: Express

Tights/Shoes: Target


9 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…So Good To Me

  1. I remember when I was in high school and middle school I used to wear tights under my shorts ALL the time. It was born out of the fact that I had no clean pants. I’m so excited that I see fashionable people doing this! It’s so much more interesting than pants or skirts. Feel better!

    • Why are you so funny. And why do I feel we would have been friends in middle school? Also, why didn’t we hang out more when we lived near each other? We could have had sci-fi marathons.

  2. PS: At least you aren’t getting drowned out! Just as I discover the wonders of natural lighting for fashion pics…the heavens opened up and decided to unleash our yearly share of rain all in one week. I haven’t seen sunshine in days. I haven’t been dry in days. I want to strangle a rain cloud.

  3. Dude. So great to meet you. I changed the comment stuff on my blog and your comments were deleted. So sorry! Yeah, you sound judgmental like me. 🙂 Oh crap, we are going to have to get better at this together. We are pretty committed to staying out of debt so my husband worked 2 jobs this past semester, while I work 2 small part time jobs as well. It sucked. and was really hard. And in the end, we made some changes for next semester. Our goal is to have a healthy marriage and family-spiritually, emotionally, physically. So some things had to change. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you . . us non stereotypical seminary wives need to stick together.

  4. Adrienne- I love your all your outfits. I just scrolled through all of your posts to see them!! I wish I had style like you, and could pull it off!!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog!! I finally added your blog to my google reader (I kept forgetting), so you’ll probably see more comments from me!!

  5. cute look girlie! I am needing (needing?) some shorts to pair with tights…and I have spent my entire Christmas break snuggled up in a cocoon of a blanket watching Red Box (my new favoritest invention ever) movies and only coming out for food and water. or coffee. Hoping you feel much much better. and soon!!!

    • Why thank you! Your looks are pretty cute yourself… 🙂 Shorts and tights are now my favorite obsession right now….for a long time I’d only wear them when I’d gotten home from work, but then when I finally dared to venture out….voila! Love.

      P.S. cocoons of blankets, movies and coffee sounds alright by me.

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