Rachel Berry Meets Emma Pillsbury

That’s how I feel about my outfit today.  It might even look as though I’ve been watching too much Glee, but let me save you the trouble of guessing: I have.

So after taking the day off yesterday with fever and still not feeling well today, I decided to go in anyway since it was Christmas party day. Normally Friday is casual, but I felt like dressing festive, even if I didn’t feel very much so. I’ve had this skirt and cardigan for years, but never worn them together. At first I pulled out gray and black tights, but pushed myself to be unexpected with blue. Not sure I like it now looking at the pictures, but I liked it this morning in my sleepy stupor.


Cardigan: Dillards?

 Skirt: handmade by my grandmother, Patt-Patt

 Belt/Shoes: H&M

 tights: Target

 flower: gifted by my sister

Seriously, I love both of those character’s wardrobes. I don’t know what that says about me since Sue and the Santana are forever ripping on said characters for their clothing choices. I just adore Emma’s preppy ladylikeness and Rachel’s quirky, preppy, vintage. Hmmm, maybe I’m on to my actual style. I could live with quirky, preppy, vintage.

"It's COLD."

I’m having a hard time living with this cold weather, though. You can’t just move a girl to Southern California for three years and not expect her blood to thin out.

P.S. Pay no attention to the horrible background of these photos. Motorcycle ride anyone? It is cold, I am tired and wanted to get into a cozy sweater ASAP.


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