Don’t Be Envious, Be Green

I love the color green. I gravitate towards it in decorating.  I probably buy too much clothing in the shade, but the husband only encourages it by saying things like, “I love green on you, it brings out your eyes.” (melt).

I also love things hanging on my walls. Unique. Cute. Me. Things. The problem is a lack of funding and odd wall space in an oddly planned apartment. I’m talking ginormous walls, but no full walls, if that makes sense. Anyway, it’ll be a while until I fill in the big walls (although I fully intend to “borrow” an idea I saw over at The Rockstar Diaries (see blogroll) over Christmas. I won’t say much, but it involves chalkboard paint, clipboards, and pictures.

So I’ve been searching for solutions one small area at a time and a few weeks ago I finally went through on an idea I’d been wanting to do for a while.

If you’ve happened upon my “About” section, you know I love vintage handkerchiefs. I’ve been collecting them for a while from various shops (and my grandmother) and these three have been my favorite. They are green and full of personality.  Wanting to display them some way that was new and fresh, I began searching for ways to make them into art.  The problem was I didn’t want to permanently damage them. Especially the third, dark one, since it belonged to my great, great grandmother (her name is embroidered on it).

Finally, I stumbled across a way to do it.

Take some handkerchiefs.

And some liquid starch. You can find it at WalMart in the laundry aisle.

Also, an art canvas that your handkerchief can stretch over. You’ll want to make sure it will wrap around to the back.

Soak (saturate) the cloth in liquid starch and stretch it over the canvas, making sure it’s tight, smoothed of air bubbles, and pressed around to the back.

Let it dry. It took mine a couple of hours to dry entirely.

Don’t worry about how it looks from the back. Clearly, mine are a hot mess. They are uneven looking because I positioned the design how I wanted it on the front, making it off center.

So there you have it. Quick, easy art for your wall. Unique, inexpensive, and green: both in color and in practice.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Envious, Be Green

  1. I LOVE your handkerchief wall art!!! So the starch keeps the fabric in place and you don’t need to use tape, glue, nails, or staples? Very awesome! Also, do you know of any good vintage shops in the Orange County area? I’m feeling inspired, but need a good start. Miss you!

    • Yes, the starch keeps it there until you want to pull it off and then wash it out.

      Um, vintage, yes! Fullerton has a great selection of vintage. American Vintage, Buffalo Exchange, and several others are all downtown along…Euclid I think. Am. Vintage is huge and my favorite. 🙂

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