It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is here in less than two weeks.  We really dropped the ball on trying to celebrate Hanukkah this year since it was halfway over by the time we realized it was going on.  We also wanted to do Advent this year, but, uh…it’s already past the third Sunday.

I may go get a wreath and candles anyway. At least I got a dreidel this year.  And stockings. We are making progress.

Let's Play "Spot the Dreidel"

While I may not love Christmas decorations as much as many (Christmas won’t be making an appearance in my bathroom), I do love the colors and sparkliness of everything.

I love seeing presents under the tree.

Let's Play "Spot Adrienne in this Picture"

I love how having a Christmas decorating budget forces creativity.

Exhibit A: Silver tipped pine cones under a cake dome

Exhibit B: Remember these guys?

I also have a Christmas snow globe collection from my Mom that I have yet to get in my possession. I love all of them, so she better not put up a fight.


5 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

  1. At least you put an effort in to decorating! I have an empty glass vase and had plans to fill it with sparkly stuff for Christmas. I got to the store and saw all of the sparklies and said “I really don’t want to put the effort in to being creative right now…I’ll live with the garland and stockings I put up last night.” And that was that. I like your sparklies. You should bring some to my house. 😀

    • Minimal effort, but effort nonetheless. I like the idea of the glass vase filled with stuff…love it. I ALMOSt took some flowers out of a vase and filled it with colored christmas lights, but then they shorted out.

      Haha, I just realized that about the reflection. 🙂

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