And A Pair of Gray Shorts On A Saturday

Are you tired of these fashion posts yet? Well, I guess I’m not.  The thought of maybe posting my outfit on here somehow fuels my creativity for dressing. Like today for example.  Shopping was on the agenda so all I really wanted to wear was a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt.  But I haven’t posted since Thursday, and I have this pair of gray shorts in my closet that Drew has been asking me why I don’t wear.  Apparently, in his opinion, winter is no excuse to not wear cute shorts.  Also, after feeling like I have to dress a certain way all week, by the time I get to Saturday I either want to live in my pajamas or “go crazy” with something I definitely can’t wear to teach in.  So I broke out my handy dandy mustard (or are they olive) tights from F21 and was on a mission to make an outfit of it.

turtleneck/shoes: Target, cardigan: Kohls, shorts: Express, tights: F21, necklace: H&M

 After finally getting ready and having Drew snap a few pictures, we drove to Dallas so we could do a little Christmas shopping for the Momsie and Momsie-in-Law and were actually able to find what we were looking for!  Both are now wrapped and sitting under our tree, which is nice, since this is the first year we’ve had a tree big enough to put gifts under.

So long 4.5 footer tree. I will not miss you.


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