Cross Process


I have an obsession.  While everyone else in the world seems to be purchasing high-end Nikons, all I long for is a Polaroid with an endless stash of film.  Alas, the once cheap camera is no longer so affordable; the film, no longer being made and the remaining going for around three dollars an exposure.

Well, I’m not going to pay that.  I am, however asking for a Fuji Instax for Christmas.  It’s a small white camera that takes credit card sized instant photos.  A modern Polaroid.  If I can’t have the original, I’ll settle for the Fuji.  What has also helped satisfy my craving for 60’s and 70’s esque pictures is the Cross Process app on my phone and Corel Paint Shop Pro Cross Processing.  I love the slightly faded, imperfectness of Cross Process.  I love the color saturation.  Mostly, I think I love the vintage-ness of it all.  You know, it makes me feel as though that picture of me really was taken back in 1973, with a little Three Dog Night Shambala playing on the turntable. 


Undershirt: F21, Dress/Belt: H&M, Tights/Shoes: Target, Cardigan: Old Navy ($5 like four yrs ago)

I think my nerd is showing so I’ll wrap it up with some outfit details. I felt very “teacher” today, but still rebellious enough to wear brown open toe sandals with black tights and to be called “that style lady” by a district administrator.  I’ll take being known as “that style lady.”  I’ll also take a Polaroid and some film.  Any takers? I mean…givers?


3 thoughts on “Cross Process

  1. I love how you used an undershirt to create the effect of a dramatic collar!!! The bright green sweater is my favorite, though. I also have to give a thumbs up to the high-bun. This outfit with your photo editing creates an amazing image. You look like you walked off the set of “Life on Mars.” And do the instant fuji pictures have a cute white border like the old Polaroids? I think the frameless photograph is one of the great losses of the 20th century.

    • Thanks Reggie. I’d be lying if I didn’t smile that you think the photo pulled off the 70’s look. I’ve only seen a clip of that show. Is it good? (speaking of shows, you need to get caught up on V)

      The Fuji DOES have white borders around it. There’s also a bigger camera that takes regular sized photos but the camera itself is huge. Like so big it’s comical. Definitely the loss of the border was a step backwards.

      • I loved “Life on Mars,” and it’s not too much of a commitment wince it’s only one season long. I definitely need to get caught up on V, but Marty and I still don’t have TV.
        Oh, and you and Drew need to visit Davis, CA. Their town emblem is a bike. I’m also pretty sure that the bikes outnumber the cars…perhaps the people too.

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