I’m No Kendi

I’m certainly not Kendi from KendiEveryday, and I don’t have an awesome camera/and/or photographer on hand, but I loved wearing this outfit today. A little bit nerd with the cardigan. A little bit grungy with the plaid flannel. A little bit prep with the popped collar. A little bit polished with the pointy flats and patent belt.  And a little bit rebellious with brown and black paired together (shout out to my fellow rebel Rachel)

That’s how I’d define my style. A little bit of everything.

This photo was an accident; but I decided I like it. 

I’ll be honest. Taking photos of yourself in an outfit creates a bit of anxiety; posting them on your blog runs the risk of appearing self-involved or “too cool for school.” However, blogging is supposed to be about sharing and I am challenging myself to write everyday (something I’m struggling with clearly). I want to get out of my comfort zone more and doing a “fashion post” is definitely that. Besides, anyone who knows me knows I’m way more of the “too school for cool” type (thank you Pink for coining this phrase).

Cardigan: JCrew Outlet, Plaid Shirt and Flats: Target, Belt: H&M, Jeans: JBrand (Anthropoligie super sale)


5 thoughts on “I’m No Kendi

  1. First of all, I LOVE that you created a fashion post AND the outfit was absolutely worth a blog entry.

    Second of all, I attended a 6 hour training class today on the writing workshop and our instructor axed us many questions. I got shivers EVERY time she said it…and she said it many, many times.

  2. Thanks for reading…and the vote of confidence.

    Um, I don’t quite know what to say about the axed us thing. At least the person I was talking to was a fourth grader. An adult presenter? Not ok. I would have cringed too. Ugh…

    • Ya’ know what? There’s another one that bothers me even more…”might could.” I bet you didn’t hear that in Cali. I am sure I do plenty of things to irk others, so just who do I think I am anyway? Right now, I’m the mean old angry teacher lady who lives alone in her shoe (you know, the one you NEVER wanted to be like).

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