The Thing About Pronunciation

Student: Mrs. Davis, can I aksed you a question?

Me: I don’t know. If you’ve already axed me, then I probably can’t help you.

Student: Huh? I just need to aksed you a question?

Me: Right, and I think the word you’re looking for is ASK me a question. If you’ve AXED me, then you literally got an axe and tried to kill me.

Student: Oh. (long pause) OH!


4 thoughts on “The Thing About Pronunciation

  1. Thank you for not just accepting that pronunciation as the norm and actually trying to correct it! Wow. Just think how far we could get if we all bucked the system and TRIED to change things…some things, big things, little things, any things!

  2. Thank you for clarifying for your student! Hopefully it will be a mini lesson he or she remembers forever and passes along as a little episode from his or her childhood. By the way, I love the variety in this blog; I never know what to expect to read next!

  3. I cringed reading that. I could hear one (actually many) of my students saying the same thing although they would have argued with me that they were right (difficult students this year, they aren’t so much fun). The entire class would have wanted in on the action and I would have had to spend the rest of the period trying to settle them down. Oh, high school. I usually stick to commenting on their science knowledge but yes, their grammar and pronunciations are atrocious. I sometimes fear for the future! Is that a sign that I’ve been teaching too long?

    • Oh, dear I can imagine the trouble with a high school group. I don’t think that’s a sign you’ve been teaching too long though…I try to pick and choose the corrections so I don’t become naggy, but I can’t help but not correct it when it’s that bad. Thanks for your comments!

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