Maybe We Didn’t Want Fur-Trimmed Stockings

The day after Thanksgiving is officially the Christmas season in our house. One of the reasons I love Drew is that he agrees with me that we should wait until after Thanksgiving to begin the celebration. That way it’s more special we think.

Regardless, we went to pick up a tree and some decorations last Friday and realized we needed stockings. However, ten minutes later we decided we didn’t want any of the stockings that were available. An internet search later that evening revealed we were actually pretty picky about this particular decoration (Drew just as much as me). The only picture of a stocking that appealed to either of us was a photograph from around 1900 of an actual stocking being hung by the fireside.

A thought crossed my mind. All those above-the-knee socks in the stores these days look an awful lot like an “old timey” stocking.

So the next day we ran to Target and I picked up a pair of red above-the-knee socks.

I took them home.

Stuffed them with some leftover batting from a flannel lap quilt I’d made.

Made a raffia loop and pinned it to the back.

Cut up some brown paper into tags and wrote our names on them.

Used some more raffia to string through the tags.

Voila. Two “us,” “old-timey” stockings.

Both for under $6 (the socks costs $5-something).


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