Posted in December 2010


Anyone remember the “awkward turtle” that in and of itself was the very essence of awkward? Where ever someone made a fool of themselves, tripped, or had a joke fall flat, there was a college student waiting in the peripheral one hand over the other, thumbs sticking out moving in circles. It was the “awkward … Continue reading

Handwashing Cannot Be Overrated

Brother right before he got sick One of six escaped. Of course, none of the those ever expected a need for escape. It was Christmas afterall and their home seemed safe enough. But safe enough could not protect those within, as a predator set its sights on each and every one of them. For the next … Continue reading

Monday, Monday…So Good To Me

It feels good to be on Christmas Break.  It would feel better if this cold weren’t still hanging on for dear life.  Yesterday I laid on the couch watching Netflix all day.  This morning I still felt icky, but was so stir crazy that I had to get up and get going. So I went … Continue reading

Rachel Berry Meets Emma Pillsbury

That’s how I feel about my outfit today.  It might even look as though I’ve been watching too much Glee, but let me save you the trouble of guessing: I have. So after taking the day off yesterday with fever and still not feeling well today, I decided to go in anyway since it was … Continue reading

Dear (Fat) Santa

I’ve been sick the past two days and therefore not feeling much like blogging. Or doing anything that didn’t involve sleeping for about 75% of the past day. So today’s post is short and sweet. A note scrawled on an index card found in a student’s desk the other day. “Dear (fat) Santa, all I … Continue reading

Don’t Be Envious, Be Green

I love the color green. I gravitate towards it in decorating.  I probably buy too much clothing in the shade, but the husband only encourages it by saying things like, “I love green on you, it brings out your eyes.” (melt). I also love things hanging on my walls. Unique. Cute. Me. Things. The problem … Continue reading

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is here in less than two weeks.  We really dropped the ball on trying to celebrate Hanukkah this year since it was halfway over by the time we realized it was going on.  We also wanted to do Advent this year, but, uh…it’s already past the third Sunday. I may go … Continue reading

Working Hard to Get My Fill…*

With one week of work left before Christmas Break, I’m determined to not only make it through the week alive, but (gasp) enjoy it with purpose.  When I worked at my old school (shout out Los Alisos), it was easy to stay positive because I was surrounded by positive, encouraging people. We all had our … Continue reading

And A Pair of Gray Shorts On A Saturday

Are you tired of these fashion posts yet? Well, I guess I’m not.  The thought of maybe posting my outfit on here somehow fuels my creativity for dressing. Like today for example.  Shopping was on the agenda so all I really wanted to wear was a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt.  But I haven’t … Continue reading

It’s Date Night

 Sometimes after the day I’ve had you just don’t feel much like writing about anything. I mean, the past two days have been so eventful that I’ve started a “partridge in a pear tree” parody where I insert student misbehavior in for the gifts.  So eventful that the best thing that happened today was when … Continue reading