What’s In A Name

I love my name. I really do. But–

Apparently Adrienne is a guy’s name.

Apparently Lee (my middle name) is a guy’s name.

Apparently Lindsey is a first name.

Thankfully Davis has no real issues (except for being spelt David on occasion).

Whenever I meet people they NEVER understand what I say my name is and inevitably mispronounce it  so many times that by the third or fourth correction I usually get so frustrated and/or embarrassed that I nod my head like they got it right.

One of my professors actually argued with me on how to pronounce it once. He seemed to think it was Adri-ANNE.

It’s not.

Don’t even get me started on going to Starbucks & giving them my name for my cup. It’s so bad I don’t even give them Adrienne anymore. I just say “Lindsey” or “A.” It’s easier and not really a lie.


Last year at a teacher training we all had to do a reflection after reading a chapter of Sandra Cisneros’ “The House on Mango Street” called “My Name.”

Here is mine.

Dear World,

No. My parents were not obssessed with “Rocky.”
No. My name isn’t Audrey or Adri-ANNE or Audrine.
No. My name isn’t two syllables.
No. My name isn’t a man’s name.

Yes. My mom saw it on a tax form and thought it was pretty.
Yes. It’s pronounced AY-dree-uhn. Three syllables. Count ’em third grade reading teacher.
Yes. It is spelled A-D-R-I-E-N-N-E. The “e” is silent and the spelling is feminine and French.

Maybe that’s the problem.
A French name pronounced in English.




What are YOUR name mishaps?


2 thoughts on “What’s In A Name

  1. On the first day of kindergarten, everyone got a name tag that was gender specific. I got a little boys’ tag with “Reggie” written in it. I am a girl. My full name is Regina, but I didn’t know this until second grade when my teacher wrote all of our names at our desks and I couldn’t find “Reggie” written anywhere. “Regina” has its own problems. The first day of seventh grade, at a new school, in a new town, where I knew nobody, my Canadian science teacher pronounces my name “Reg-eye-na.” Tell me you didn’t giggle at that one. And then when I met my husband, the poor man had to put up with all sorts of jabs about his romantic emails from rainbowreggie@email.address. His boss had a gentle conversation with him after overhearing my husband describe one of our dates. And if that weren’t enough. My last name (up until 4 years ago) was Sakayeda. The ‘y’ is silent. In the tenth grade I started telling my teachers to not even bother trying to pronounce it and that “Reggie” would be just fine. So then I got married and I thought “Snyder” would be the end of my last name woes. Not. “Schneider”, “Synder”, and “Snyper” are a few of the concoctions created by both children and adults. None of whom have heard of phonics, apparently.

  2. Welcome to my world…. Allondra, Alandra, Alihandra, Alandria, Alondria, A..uh…uhh how do you say it?
    Just like it’s spelled! UH-Lon-DRuh!

    Mom and Dad found it in a baby book…everyone is always shocked to meet me, the white girl, when they expected a black girl.

    Bulka was just as bad. Now I’m a boring GRAHAM except in Jamaica & Mexico it’s GRAY-HAM. I think I like that better!

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