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As much as I love writing, I may love reading even more.  Recently, I’ve expanded my readership to quite a few blogs that have caught my attention. For now, I’m able to support my habit with the extra amounts of “down time” that come after finishing my M.A. while simultaneously working fulltime, and moving to a new city where we have yet to really meet anyone or get involved.

But enough of why I’m reading and let’s get into what I’m really enjoying (oh, ok and why I love them so much).

1. Kendi Everyday: A Funny Style Blog

I cannot say enough about this blog. Kendi chronicles her daily style adventures and while I’m not nearly as fashion savvy as she is, I relate to some of the misadventures that have occured when her coworkers met her outfits (I too work in what I refer to as the Fashion Wasteland: or where colors on legs spurn disapproving looks).

Needless to say, I steal tons of ideas from her and feel in good company on days I choose mustard tights and thigh high socks for work.

“Why are your legs that color? Did you paint them?”


2. I Go By Katie

Katie has a business, Darlingtonia Mocassins, with the most adorable shoes I’ve ever seen. I want a pair. Now. Any pair will do, really, but I especially love these:

She also blogs about things of interest to her, unique and vintage finds, and the occasional DIY Project. I happily undertook one of these projects this weekend with great success (even for me, the amazing novice sewing machine user)

I was able to make a flannel lap quilt with some great 1970’s inspired fabric thanks to her easy to follow tutorial.  The only panic I had was when I was standing in line to purchase the flannel and suddenly I wondered if the material was not 70’s inspired at all, but rather, little girl who loves flowers bedroom inspired. After a quick pic sent to my Mom, I decided to get it anyway, and I’m glad I did.

Link to DIY Project:


3. The Daybook

Sydney is another fashion blogger I adore. She. Is. Hilarious. She incorporates fun little antics into her daily fahsion posts, making it a delight to read.

Also, she renewed my summertime love of the “Top Knot” or “High Bun” or “I can’t see because of Adrienne’s hair” do. She posted a fun tutorial on how to do it, which was great, because I never thought to tease the hair first.



What are you guys reading?


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