Well, Hi. Part Deux.

“I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.”

I love that quote from You’ve Got Mail. Always have. So when I was thinking over the name for this blog and all my aspirations for it (some big, some small), that scene where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are corresponding over email flashed in my mind.

Something about newly sharpened pencils is strangely invigorating. It’s partially the neatness of something neat and fresh.  For my cheesy, introspective, writer side, newly sharpened pencils symbolize much more than just a tidy little package. They are a new beginning, a fresh start.  The first day of a new school year. The first page of a story. The first post in a new blog. My blog.

So, welcome to Vintage Pencils. A blog I created as a way to encourage my writing, better my craft, have some fun, and hopefully get to know some other people out there.

And yes, “this not knowing has its charms,” but please don’t be a stranger. Comment. Leave links to your own blogs and websites. Subscribe so I know I’m not sending this out to no one. Participate in the 365 Challenge with me,* and for heaven’s sake, share your own struggles and disappointments with writing, all while you keep the good stuff to yourself, please.

Just kidding.

Lesson #1 about Vintage Pencils: I like sarcasm.

*The 365 Challenge is actually very simple. Write everyday. It can be short or long. It can be wacky or serious. It can be about anything. As long as you write something on a daily basis, you are participating in The Challenge!


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