5 Signs You Now Live in Europe

1. Despite the fact you grew up in Texas, land of 106 degree summers, the sight of 85 on your weather forecast  scares the shit out of you.  Not only is your apartment air conditioning frei, but also every other establishment you could dream up. Enough air conditioning to keep the chocolate from melting in … Continue reading

Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone

Decking out my legs in neon purple tights is way too much fun. It lets me be a little bit rocker, which I secretly hope to be. But I also secretly hope to be classy and classic and retro. Like ballerina bun meets Banana cardigan meets my new cat-eye glasses meets rock tee.  I think … Continue reading

As Summer Becomes October’s Cold

Well, here we are, the lovely and equally fleeting Texas Fall. A few short weeks of perfect temperatures and windows thrown open. A few short weeks of California.  I can finally live in leggings and cardigans. Honeycrisp apples are in the stores. I love when the seasons change, and it’s that perfect mix of the … Continue reading

I Miss…

These kids. This is Burns and Grayton, one of my best friend’s adorable and charming children. I’m not sure why exactly, but the three of us took to each other pretty well. When we were in California earlier this summer for a few days, we got to stay with them. They jumped (jumped) out of … Continue reading

Summer Uniform

It’s not surprise to really anyone that it’s hot in Texas, but this summer has proved to be particularly dastardly. Over 20 days in a row over 100 and we have two days next week slated to be 107. What? No, that’s not a typo, that’s 107 before factoring in humidity or heat index. So … Continue reading

Summer Sparkles

I love doing my nails.  I love that it’s a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to change up your look. Plus, when you’re a teacher and can’t do something crazy like put colored tips on your hair (not that I would, just saying), you can express your personality and have some fun with the tips … Continue reading